editorial shoots & Concept styling 
Photography, concept, styling and graphic design executed by me.  

Jewelry brand with the mission to help woman reconnect to their devine feminine energy and help them strengthen their inner wisdom and help them trust their intuition more. The jewelry is focused around healing stones and crystals, which are also used in the African sisterhood circles and other spiritual rituals for their healing powers and positive energy. The jewelry collection will be presented at The Yue sister Ceremony which is a healing ceremony which brings woman together for a breath work and meditation session to help the woman gain clarity, trust and inner peace.

At Academie Artemis I got assigned the brand Dr Bronner  to create a campaign for. I focused my project around attracting a new target audience: Dads!

I felt inspired by all the social media challenges and came up with the idea of the #DrBronnerDaddy challenge. The challange would consist out of dads competing against eachother in a cleaning parcour using Dr Bronner soap. Launching the campaign by letting family youtubers be the first to partake in the challange. This way kids could get excited and challenge their dads to partake. 

Spicy Mami was a group project between me and two of my classmates in which we where challenged to create a cookbook in four days. We wanted the cookbook to have a lot of “bad bitch energy” It would not only be a cookbook but it would also carry a message about female empowerment. We decided to have the layout of the cookbook start from a little spicy, with the green pepper to super hot with the red pepper. And as the recipes got spicier our model got hotter as well, wearing less and less clothes due to the heat in the kitchen.